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To ensure the utmost in our customers' satisfaction, painstaking measures are taken to see to it this goal is met. Priority one is providing our client base with a safe and secure environment in which they can comfortably and confidently interact with other members within our online dating network. The single most important component of an online dating network is the forum in which people interact. If, in any way, that forum has been compromised by disingenuous users, internet trolls or scammers, the online dating network has failed.

What is a Scammer?

To see to it Dream Russian Woman does not falter in that regard, we implemented a site-wide policy designed to keep our online dating network free from the internet riff raff more popularly known as scammers. Because Dream Russian Woman is well aware of the negative connotations associated with online dating services, we adopt transparency, disclosing to our members precisely what tactics we use to keep our site secure.

Confirmed Profiles

First and foremost, Dream Russian Woman implements a screening process for prospective registrants to our online dating network. Because we are an international online dating service, we work with a network of well over 350 affiliate offices located throughout the United States, Russia, Ukraine and various other Republics of the former USSR. In order to validate the authenticity of each member profile, these local affiliates confirm the identity in the profile matches that of the corresponding member with a personal interview -- face-to-face. The interview consists of:

Once our local affiliate has put the prospective registrant through the screening process and has ascertained that she is, in fact, genuine, her profile is updated with a "Confirmed Profile" badge. This badge acts as a seal of approval that denotes her profile has been checked and validated. In the event the local affiliate is the guilty party, Dream Russian Woman's legal staff seeks punitive damages and enacts strict penalties, which ultimately result in blacklisting that affiliate from our network of trusted local representatives.

NOTE: It is important our clients understand that although we are ever vigilant, we are not precognitive. We have taken some measures to discourage fraudulent behavior, but that is, oftentimes, not enough to dissuade career swindlers. Dream Russian Woman asks its clients to report any abuse to our customer service so the necessary action can be taken.

Dream Russian Woman Anti-Scam Itinerary

Even after a profile is confirmed, Dream Russian Woman's Member Liaison Team sporadically contacts female members at random via phone call and video chat. This is a stipulation in their membership agreement that they agreed to before signing up with the Dream Russian Woman online dating network. The female members are well aware that we are actively patrolling for inappropriate behavior. Auditing both our lady members and local dating agencies abroad at random are key to keeping the Dream Russian Woman online dating network safe, secure and sincere.

Our clients are also provided tools to independently verify the identity of a female member. Aside from matching profile photos to appearances in videos during live chats, there is a protocol in place that requires female members to submit a picture of them receiving your gift. Dream Russian Woman does not in any way compensate its female members to interact with its male members. The only incentive Dream Russian Woman provides is a chance at finding someone with whom a future might be built. Dream Russian Woman's dedicated team has made it their purpose to keep out the internet riff raff and provide their clients with the best possible online dating experience.

Thank you for choosing Dream Russian Woman where your happiness is our job!

Dream Russian Woman Team