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Beautiful Russian Woman Ekaterina from Vinnitsa
Birth Date:December 04, 1986
Height:5' 7'' (170 cm)
Weight:121 lbs (55 kg)
Education:graduate school
Marital Status:never married
Languages Spoken:English, Russian
English Proficiency:good
HobbiesI am very interested in communicating to different people in different situations and to come to know a new person is a great pleasure for me. I am very interested in my profession as well. I like lots of activities. I enjoy almost all kinds of sports. I like philosophy and often read philosophical books. I like fitness, skating and skiing. Like a real Ukrainian girl I can cook borsch. I enjoy spending time with my friends. I think I'm a very easy-going person. I adore traveling. The most exciting about traveling for me is learning new traditions and exploring new cultures. More About MeI am a complaisant person. I always try to make people feel comfortable near me. I am such a romantic girl. I am not an angel I can be a bad girl with good manners. I am an optimist and believe that my future will be brighter if you will come and give me your love. I try to behave myself with people the way I want they behave themselves with me. I am a family oriented person and consider that family is the biggest treasure in our life. I like to be active and want to take everything from my life. I donít like to be boring and do nothing. I like to make my every day interesting. Iím fond of sports and active life style. It helps me to be fit, healthy and energetic. I adore skiing at the white cold snow and to feel fresh frosty air blowing to my face. I like hot sand and cool waves of the sea. I am fond of popular djís music. My hobby is everything that brings pleasure. I like to discover new places, new people and new impressions. I think it can be twice interesting to do it together with my future mate. Ideal RelationshipI am not looking for a prince on a white horse. I am just looking for an ordinary man who believes in love and has family values. He is sincere in his feelings to me and is ready to enjoy life. I am searching for a strong, persistent, purposeful and intelligent man. Nobody knows where our destiny can bring us to, but I believe when we are together we can overcome everything and be happy in the end. I have a very hot heart. So, I need a man with a thirst for love, as I do. One who knows how to give the tenderness and take happiness in return. Anyone who does not betray and will protect his woman. I am not looking for Prince, I seek an honest and good man. Man of my dreams is ready for anything in the name of love! He knows what happiness is and how to make his beloved one happy. He will never betray or hurt me. This is a man who makes my heart beat faster when I meet him. And I will not miss him. I will look into his eyes and see my second part there. This is kind of man I am looking for on the site. And I hope that I will manage to kiss him gently pretty soon. Looking For An Age Group27 - 57
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