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Beautiful Russian Woman Ilona from Kiev
Birth Date:March 28, 1994
Height:5' 7'' (170 cm)
Weight:112 lbs (51 kg)
Occupation:Student (Politology), Model
Education:high school
Marital Status:never married
Languages Spoken:English, Russian
English Proficiency:basic
HobbiesYou know I like to dance. It takes two to tango, and you already know this! More About MeI am a woman who combines the qualities of a successful specialist and woman who can become the guardian of the hearth. I feel how much I need to create my own family with my right man who’ll be really worth it. I want to have frank and sincere relations with my future husband and to feel the most wonderful feeling in the world –love. I’m well educated, sincere and honest. I have interests in many spheres of life and I'm always opened to learn something new. Ideal RelationshipThe most important features for me in a man are honesty, openness, kindness and understanding. I don't like liars and I don't understand why to act the way you are not in real life! My man should have a good sense of humor, respect and care about me in any situation of my life. He must be caring, loving, understanding and passionate. He needs to love nature as I do, and appreciate everything that surrounds him. He should be kind and gentle, polite and intelligent. His desire for children or not having children is not a major issue for me. The age difference is not a problem for me. I am looking for the union of souls. Looking For An Age Group24 - 51
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